About PuriVet


Blood transfusion is not a bet, the safety is our priority concern.

PuriVet is a small animal veterinary medical device brand derived from PuriBlood. By adapting the exclusive patented technology, we are capable of processing the blood faster and safer.

Blood transfusions are associated with certain risks, in the human medical field, a detailed and completed system has been developed to ensure the safety of blood transfusion. However, after interviewing a number of veterinary medical centers, we came to realize that the medical resource of veterinary are not as sufficient as the human medical, and are often exposure under the high risks. There is no such device designed from the demand and the protocol of veterinary stands.


In view of this, PURIBLOOD collaborated with the veterinarians to develop the device. Throughout massive test and research around 10 years, we are proud to introduce the very first blood purification filter exclusive for small animals.


Exclusive Patent -- ZISC cell screening filtration technology

Zwitterionic Interfacial Self-assembled Coating technology is derived from the type 3 antifouling material-the zwitterionic-bias technology invented by Prof. Yung Chung’s research team and the filtration technology from Taiwan Membrane Center. Align with the selective sophisticated non-woven membrane made of PP, PET o PBT, we create a series of blood filtration membrane featured as high biocompatibility and efficiency on capturing selected cell. 


*  Zwitterionic-bias Technology

Unlike most of the leukocyte reduction filters on the market applying positive electrons to capture the cell, PuriBlood adopts the zwitterionic method, by imitating the electrics of the cell membrane of leukocytes, this allows the membrane to only capture leukocytes and have erythrocytes pass harmlessly without activating the platelets. 

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* High precision polypropylene non-woven dispersion filtration technology

Through the special design on the layer sequences, the blood product is able to flow smoothly via the membrane while reducing the clotting issues caused by the differences lying among individuals. This results in high RBC recovery rate > 94% and yields 30,000 platelets per μL within filtered blood product.

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PURIBLOOD was founded in 2016 by three PhDs and specializes in the development and manufacture of high-grade blood transfusion materials, which received the Taiwan National Innovation Award and supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan. Our target is set to be the blood transfusion safe keeper in both human and veterinary medical field.


Our Business:Provide safer and advanced blood transfusion solutions to small animal veterinary

Our Vision:Extends the knowledge and experience in human blood transfusion to small animal blood transfusion therapy.

Our Goal:Enhance the safety of blood transfusion in veterinary, extend lifespans and reduce the transfusion reactions.

Our Team:Our member are from medical, materials and animal blood banks professions